ATMOVAC: Revolutionizing Culinary Precision with Commercial Vacuum Machines, Sous-Vide Solutions, and Innovative Packaging


Step into the culinary realm of ATMOVAC, a trailblazer in commercial vacuum machines, sous-vide solutions, and packaging innovation. Backed by years of expertise in the Food Service industry, our brand is synonymous with cutting-edge manufacturing and a commitment to delivering unparalleled functionality and value. Let’s explore the extensive array of ATMOVAC products, designed to cater to the diverse needs of culinary professionals.


**Vacuum Machines:**

Choose from our diverse range of external vacuum machines—Bora, Mistral, and Sirocco—each crafted for straightforward operation, efficiency, and reliability. Elevate your kitchen experience with ATMOVAC’s precision-engineered vacuum machines.


**Chamber Vacuum:**

  1. **Diablo:** A straightforward and economical choice for those prioritizing simplicity in vacuum packaging.
  2. **Arctic:** Experience superior European manufacturing with a user-friendly interface, setting a new standard in efficiency.
  3. **Chinook:** Elevate your vacuum packaging game with multi-program functionality, advanced features, and superior European manufacturing.
  4. **Cyclone Line:** Unleash efficiency in large-scale production with multi-program capabilities, showcasing superior European manufacturing.
  5. **Oroshi:** Explore the pinnacle of vacuum packaging technology with advanced interface, wireless integration, and state-of-the-art functionality.
  6. **Industrial:** Tailored solutions for industrial and large-scale vacuum packaging needs, offering custom solutions to meet diverse culinary requirements.


**Sous-Vide Solutions:**

ATMOVAC presents a comprehensive line of immersion circulators—SV-96, SV-120, SV-310, SoftCooker 230—and static sous-vide cooking baths—SoftCooker SR11 and SoftCooker SR23. Our sous-vide solutions redefine precision and perfection in culinary craftsmanship.


**Packaging Solutions:**

Explore our FDA and CE approved packaging options, featuring:

– Strong, smooth vacuum bags for conservation or precise cooking and chilling processes.

– Channeled vacuum bags designed for conservation or versatile cooking applications, meeting the highest culinary standards.



ATMOVAC is not just a brand; it’s a commitment to revolutionizing the culinary landscape. Whether you seek precision in sous-vide cooking, efficient vacuum packaging, or innovative solutions for your commercial kitchen, ATMOVAC stands as a beacon of innovation, functionality, and value. Join us on this culinary journey, where every product is meticulously designed to meet and exceed your expectations, ensuring your kitchen achieves new heights of culinary excellence.