Sirman was founded in 1969 by its current general manager, Mr. Nereo Marzaro, to produce high quality slicers. In its 37 years of business, Sirman has become the largest manufacturer of food processing equipment in Italy.

Its main office is located in Padua (Padova), 20 miles west of Venice, in what is known as the Italian Northeast, one of the richest and most economically developed regions of Europe. Sirman relies on 10 separate production factories in the area.

Each factory specializes in the production of a single line of equipment. This gives Sirman flexibility and high productivity
while maintaining excellence standards. Sirman has a policy
of innovation and continuous improvement of its products
offering very competitive pricing for top quality Slicers,
Panini Grills, Food Processors, Meat Processors.


SIRMAN™ Katana6 & Katana12 Cutters are simple machines with high performance and power output. Used to…

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