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Adapted Bowls

Bowls Vegetal Made
020461-020464 Series

LiliTouch Dish Collection is made of cereals, oil seeds, fiber plant, proteins, lipids and cellulose. Chock…

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Container ‘’Ramekin‘’

LID sold separately top diameter: 3.4″ (8.6 cm) height: 1.6″ (4.1 cm) made from Copolyester BPA…

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Bowl (15 oz.)
020161-020167 Series

small bowl 45 cl (15 oz) with lid made from Copolyester  BPA and Phtalate free non-breakable…

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Container 8.4 oz (25 cl)
020191-020197 Series

LID sold separately bowl width: 3.8″ (9.7 cm) bowl height: 1.2″ (3 cm) made from Copolyester BPA and…

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Fruit Bowl 3.3 oz. (10 cl)
020221-020227 Series

small fruit bowl 10 cl (3.3 oz) made from Copolyester BPA and Phtalate free top diameter…

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Thermo Bowls
01953 | 01954

bowl 32 cl (11 oz.) with lidand locking system thermodynamic dishes keeps heat made from Copolyester…

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