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The TR02510 Salamander is the ultimate companion
for culinary perfection.
Thanks to cutting-edge technology, it delivers consistent, high-performance results, guaranteeing perfect cooking of every dish. Its elegant, ergonomic design integrates perfectly into any professional kitchen environment, optimizing space and workflow.

From grating cheese to caramelizing desserts, the Salamandre lets chefs unleash their creativity and achieve culinary excellence with every dish.



  • Opening: 15.7″ L x 10.2″ W x 0.75-2″ H
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Dual control
  • Timer
  • Element control switch
    • Twin element heat
    • Single upper element
  • Stainless Steel crumb tray and chrome plated grilling rack, easily removed for cleaning
  • ABS control dial
  • Non-slip rubber feet


Watts 2400W
Amperage 10A
Material Stainless Steel
Nema 6-15P
Volts 208-240V



certificates_1_titleTR02510 <br> Salamander certificates_2_titleTR02510 <br> Salamander

SKU: TR02510
Origin : China
Warranty: 1 year parts & labor
Height: 13"
Length: 13"
Width: 23.5"
Weight: 36 lbs
Package Length: 26"
Package Height: 17"
Package Weight: 40 lbs

UPC: 628242143509

Price: $837.00 USD

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