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Crea 12K | 0038151250

Create the best Gelato, Ice Creams and Sorbet! Its automatic programs makes the machine completely autonomous, leaving the operator free to focus on other tasks!


NEMOX Crea 12K. Machine has all you need to create the best Gelato, Ice Creams and Sorbet! Made for Professional Results. Produce 2.5 qt. (2.4 L) in 10-2 min & 18 qt. (17 L) per hour.

Equipped with a sophisticated software which manages its functions. In addition to the normal manual function, the operator has at his disposal: 4 Specific production programs (Gelato Classico, Semi-Soft Ice Cream Granita, Shock freezing) & 4 Specific storage programs selectable depending on the different needs and characteristics of the product.

Supplied with electronic inverter system for the control and regulation of the motor enables to vary the number of rpms of the blade (from 60 to 130 rpm) to achieve desired results. Opening for extraction on the front.


Production per cycle: 2.5 qt. (2.4 L), Production per hour: 18 qt. (17 L)


Watts 1300
Amperage 5.4A
Capacity 2.5 qt. (2.4 L) per cycle
Material Stainless Steel
Nema 5-15P
Volts 220-240



certificates_1_titleCrea 12K | 0038151250 certificates_2_titleCrea 12K | 0038151250

0038151250 | Gelato & Sorbet Crea 12K

Max. Production/hr: 18 qt. (17 L), Average preparation: 10-12 min., Bowl capacity: 6.34 qt. (6 L)

SKU: 0038151250
Origin : Italy
Warranty: 1 Year Parts,
Compressor and Labor
Height: 41.5"
Length: 17.7"
Width: 29"
Weight: 163 lbs
Package Length: 23.6"
Package Height: 53"
Package Weight: 181 lbs
Capacity: 2.5 qt. (2.4 L) per cycle
Amperage: 5.4A
Volts: 220-240

Nema: 5-15P

Watts: 1300
UPC: 8024872138502

Nema: 5-15P

Price: $15397.00 USD

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