Adjustable slicer. V-shaped blade and its cutting angle at 19.3° cuts fruit/vegetable with perfect precision, even with soft foods like cooked beets, ripe tomatoes and pears. Micro-serration of the blade enables the thinest cut of fruit/vegetable with skin and preserves their flesh compostiton. In-handle thumb wheel adjusts slicing thickness. 


The thumb wheel integrated at the end of the handle allows for easy thickness adjustment from paper-thin to 3/16″ thick. Ergonomically designed pusher protects hands. Non-skid feet. Pusher clips beneath tool for space saving storage. Dishwasher safe.

Kobra V Specifications

Material Stainless steel and polymer compostite; Plastic pusher; Silicone moulded anti-sliding handle, Supersharp cutlery grade stainless steel blade.


Kobra V

SKU: 2011
Origin : France
Warranty: 3 months
Height: 3.14"
Length: 14.5"
Width: 4.75"

Price: $145 USD