Stewpan with lid, ideal for reducing, simmering, for cooking large quantities.
Prima Matera cookware composed of 90% copper and 10% AISI 304 stainless steel:
– 90% copper on the outside: excellent thermal conductivity for perfect control of the cooking; perfect heating diffusion throughout the container for great tasting results.
– 10% stainless steel on the inside: perfectly food grade; easy care. The low proportion of stainless steel does not alter the properties of copper.
2 riveted handles in cast stainless steel: easy handling; small size; modern design.
Innovation: special induction base for a universal range.
Identification code engraved on the base.

All cook tops including induction.


Material Copper


Care of copper: use a polishing paste.
Care of stainless steel: wash by hand.
All cook tops including induction.


SKU: 624224
Origin : France
Warranty: 3 months
Height: 5
Weight: 5.5
Capacity: 5.7 qt / 5.4 l

Diameter: 9.5

Price: $1000 USD

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