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Rectangular roasting pan with stainless steel grate, perfect for cooking outdoors: cooking on hot coals and all cook tops.
Mineral B Element undeformable utensil in heavy quality iron coated with beeswax: organic protective finish against oxidation; facilitates seasoning. Enhanced non-stick qualities when used for the first time.
Uniform cooking and good caramelization of food.
Natural non-stick properties: gradual seasoning.
2 riveted stainless steel handles: easy handling; small size.

All cook tops including induction.

5664 | Roasting Pan Specifications

Material Iron


Tip: preheat using a little fat.
Care: Season when first used. Deglaze, rinse with warm water, dry and lightly oil. Store in a dry place. Do not use detergents or put in the dishwasher.


Roasting Pan

SKU: 5664.4
Origin : France
Warranty: 3 months
Height: 2
Length: 16.53
Width: 13.38
Weight: 8

Thickness: 0.8

Price: $280 USD

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