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Suitcase EasyEat Kit


Saint Romain EasyEat Suitcase Kit includes:

  • a set of knife, fork and spoon
    from Light Utensils Collection
  • one non slip plate 9 ¼” (23,5 cm)
  • one bowl of 15 oz (45 cl) with lid
    of 4.1” (123 mm) diameter
  • one black two handle support
    for 5.5 oz (16 cl) glass (item 04150)
  • one non-slip support for 5.5 oz (16 cl)
    glass or for small container support
    (item: 04100 blue or 004101 orange)

Easyeat Suitcase Kit Specifications

Material Copolyester and Polypropylene, BPA and Phtalate free


Easyeat Suitcase Kit (9 pieces)

SKU: 500100
Origin : France
Warranty: 3 months

UPC: 348637500100

Price: $123.73 USD

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