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Filet Knife

FK2 knife: Highly developed material: steel blade X50CrMoV15.
Hard for perfect and long-lasting sharpness.
Fine geometry of the blade: a finer bevelled edge than traditional blades for improved sharpness.
Solid and long-lasting, with its thick bolster and its solid single-piece tang combined with a strong carbon-fibre polymer handle.
Ergonomic handle providing a good, non-slip grip.
It features a calibrating system: to restore the right balance between blade and handle, unscrew the back to adjust the number of counter-weight rings.


This knife is perfect for cutting chicken or fish fillets. The blade is quite long, fairly straight and flexible to fit the shape of the cut.

Filet Knife Specifications


Filet Knife

Blade Length: 6.3"

SKU: 4283.16
Origin : France
Warranty: 3 months
Height: 1
Length: 12
Width: 1
Weight: 0.1

Price: $87 USD

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