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CB100 Series
Channeled Vacuum Bags for Freezing & Storage


Sous-vide bags by Atmovac come in a wide range of sizes for various types of applications. From Freezing and Conserving to Cooking and Rethermalizing, you will find the packaging that suits your needs.

  • 100 bags/pack
  • Total Thickness: 90 µm / 3.54 mil
  • PA: Polyamide
  • PE: Polyethylene
  • Compatible with: External + Chamber Vacuum Machines


Material PA/PE


certificates_1_titleCB100 Series <br> Channeled Vacuum Bags for Freezing & Storage certificates_2_titleCB100 Series <br> Channeled Vacuum Bags for Freezing & Storage

Size: 6" x 12" (Case qty: 12 packs)

SKU: CB100-0612
Origin : Italy

UPC: 8031078037614

Price: $26.02 USD

Size: 8" x 12"(Case qty: 12 packs)

SKU: CB100-0812
Origin : Italy

UPC: 8031078037621

Price: $34.74 USD

Size: 10" x 18"(Case qty: 7 packs)

SKU: CB100-1018
Origin : Italy

UPC: 8031078037638

Price: $65.12 USD

Size: 12" x 28"(Case qty: 4 packs)

SKU: CB100-1228
Origin : Italy

UPC: 8031078037652

Price: $139.00 USD

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