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Electric Meat Slicer


The Mirra250P Electric Meat Slicer combines style and functionality, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen. Designed with performance in mind, this slicer boasts premium features for precision slicing. Its elegant design and stainless steel construction enhance not only durability, but also the aesthetics of your workspace. Featuring advanced slicing technology, the Mirra250P guarantees uniform cuts with minimal waste.

  • 10″ blade
  • Gravity-feed operation
  • Slide shaft made of ground, chromed steel for smooth operation
  • Self-lubricating bushings and ball bearings
  • Chrome-plated 100cr6 forged carbon steel blade
  • Removable sharpener with 2-stone dual action
  • Slice thickness variable up to 0.5″
  • On/Off switch with indicator light
  • Hopper with heavy-duty plastic protection to keep the user’s hands safe
  • Carriage and center plate quickly removable without the use of tools
  • Conforms to Quebec Safety Standards (CNESST)
Brand: Eurodib


Watts 250W
Amperage 2.4A
Material Polished, Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Nema 5-15P
Volts 120V


220 Volts, 50Hz Available on request, deposit required.



certificates_1_titleMIRRA250P <br> Electric Meat Slicer certificates_2_titleMIRRA250P <br> Electric Meat Slicer

Origin : Italy
Warranty: 1 year Parts and Labor
Height: 14.5"
Length: 22"
Width: 22.4"
Weight: 35.2 lbs
Package Length: 24"
Package Height: 16"
Package Weight: 43 lbs

UPC: 628242142885

Price: $2216.00 USD

10" Stainless Steel Blade

SKU: 18250403210
Origin : Italy
Warranty: 1 year Parts and Labor

UPC: 628242142335

Price: $113.00 USD

10" Teflon Blade

SKU: 18250403210TF
Origin : Italy
Warranty: 1 year Parts and Labor

UPC: 628242142342

Price: $230.00 USD

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