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Hot Dog Roller


Hot Dog Rollers are a part of any Quick Serve operation.

This range comes with strong gearbox and chain drive assemblies, allowing each unit to operate for long periods at a time.


  • 11 Rollers
  • Heat Control:
    • Low (Min. power/Standby)
    • 2 (35% power)
    • 3 (50% power)
    • 4 (70% power)
    • High (100% Full Power)
  • Indicator light to indicate elements are
    active or temperature has been reached
  • Included: Drip tray


Cooking Area & Capacity

  • SFE01610: 11″ x 20″ (30 hot dogs)


Sneeze Guard

  • E01610SN (for SFE01610)


Material Stainless Steel base and Chrome-coated rollers


certificates_1_titleSFE01610 <br> Hot Dog Roller certificates_2_titleSFE01610 <br> Hot Dog Roller

SKU: SFE01610
Origin : China
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Height: 13.1''
Length: 20.5''
Width: 23.6''
Package Weight: 55 lbs
Amperage: 11.9A
Volts: 120V

Watts: 1430W
UPC: 628242143158

Price: $ 1701.00 USD

SKU: E01610SN
Origin : China
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Height: 10''
Length: 25''
Width: 22''

UPC: 628242143110

Price: $ 290.00 USD

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