Introducing Eurodib’s NUOVO Pizza Oven, a reliable and functional addition to any kitchen. Built with a sturdy stainless steel structure and a durable black oven pre-painted steel exterior, this oven is designed for lasting performance.

Featuring refractory brick decks and shock-proof coated heating elements, it ensures even cooking and consistent results with every use. With two separate baking chambers, each thermally insulated, and two thermostats for precise temperature control, you have the flexibility to cook multiple pizzas simultaneously while adjusting the heat to your preference.

Experience the convenience and quality of Eurodib’s NUOVO Pizza Oven, where craftsmanship meets practicality for delicious homemade pizzas every time.


Main features

• External body in black oven prepainted steel
• Refractory brick decks
• Shock-proof coated heating elements
• 2 separate backing chambers thermal insulated
• 2 thermostats for each chamber which select the lower and upper zone

lower and upper zone


Watts 6400
Material Stainless Steel
Volts 208V / 220V 60 Hz 1Ph or 3Ph


certificates_1_titleNUOVO <br> PIZZA OVEN certificates_2_titleNUOVO <br> PIZZA OVEN

Origin : Italy
Warranty: 1 year parts
Height: 31.8
Length: 20.8
Width: 30.7

Watts: 6400

Price: $4333.00 USD

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