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M40A 220 ETL
40Qt. Planetary Mixer

*Now NSF Certified*


Discover unrivalled mixing power with our M40A-220-ETL Planetary Mixer. Designed for high-volume production environments, this mixer offers exceptional performance and reliability. Whether preparing large quantities of dough or mixing ingredients for tasty dishes, the M40A-220-ETL guarantees top-quality results every time. With its industrial capabilities, it’s the ideal choice for bakeries, restaurants and caterers.

This model is suitable for Pizza, Pita or bread dough

  • Heavy duty and abrasion resistant transmission design
  • Mixing Speed: 65/102/296 rpm
  • Kneading Capacity*: 13 kg / 28 lbs
  • Decibel rate: 65dB(A)
  • Stainless steel attachments included: bowl, hook, whip, beater
  • Gear driven

Compatible with HUB22M meat grinder attachment (sold separately)


*Download user manual (below) and see pg. 21 for complete details


Watts 1800W
Amperage 2.4A
Material Painted cast iron base
Volts 208V 3PH (hardwire)


This three-phase powered equipment must be hooked up to an actual three-phase supply and not to a phase converter or inverter.

Need to stop the machine to change speed. *Mix dough at low speed only*

Ships by Transport Truck (less-than-truckload). *Requires a Pallet.


certificates_1_titleM40A 220 ETL <br> 40Qt. Planetary Mixer certificates_2_titleM40A 220 ETL <br> 40Qt. Planetary Mixer certificates_3_titleM40A 220 ETL <br> 40Qt. Planetary Mixer

SKU: M40A 220 ETL
Origin : China
Warranty: 1 year parts & labor
Height: 50''
Length: 27''
Width: 25''
Weight: 540 lbs
Package Length: 47''
Package Height: 61''
Package Weight: 750 lbs

UPC: 628242140201

Price: $5085.00 USD


Depth: 15.5" / Diameter: 17.5"

SKU: NM40A-44
Origin : China
Warranty: 3 months

UPC: 628242140447

Price: $833.00 USD


Height: 17" / Diameter: 7"

SKU: NM40A-41
Origin : China
Warranty: 3 months

UPC: 628242140416

Price: $285.00 USD


0.5"L x 11"W x 17.25"H

SKU: NM40A-42
Origin : China
Warranty: 3 months

UPC: 628242140423

Price: $345.00 USD


Height: 17.25" / Diameter: 10.5"

SKU: NM40A-43
Origin : China
Warranty: 3 months

UPC: 628242140430

Price: $345.00 USD

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