Compatible with: Cyclone 201D / 203D

Our service kits come with everything you need in one package to keep your ATMOVAC premium vacuum machine running as it should. Average savings of 50% compared to buying parts individually, and each kit covers 6 months of recommended maintenance.


This kit includes:

  • Teflon isolation tape (40.9″ L x 0.59″ W)
  • Teflon tape (44.1″ L x 1.81″ W)
  • Seal wire (107.1″)
  • Lid gasket (0.31″)


Atmovac oil and parts are available through our Parts Department. Please contact: [email protected]



SKU: 0940130
Origin : The Netherlands
Package Length: 16''
Package Height: 6''
Package Weight: 3 lbs

UPC: 628242147514

Price: $209.00 USD

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