Sous-Vide Cooking, Vacuum Packaging


Thermal Immersion Circulators for sous-vide cooking with ATMOVAC units will deliver precise temperature control over time in all conditions. Capacity 25L to 60L per unit.


ATMOVAC Sous-Vide cooking with Thermal Immersion Circulators units will deliver precise temperature control over time in all conditions.

Adapts to a variety of containers,
Sous-Vide cooking or Precise Rethermalization,
In Cook and Chill processes,
Perform pasteurization processes for maximum shelf live and sale opportunity,
No direct contact with air or water extends life of foods and provides maximum safety,
Save on energy & consumption compared to oven or gas stove.

Capacity: from 25 L to 60 L max. (6.6 to 15.6 gal.),
Turns on automatically when minimum water level is attained
(approx. 5 ½” H – 14 cm),
Temperature from 20 to 100 °C (212 °F) accuracy 0,03 °C (37.4 °F),
Stirred system enables consistent temperature control throughout the whole container at all times,
NO hot or cold spots; guarantees perfect cooking results every time,
IP x 3 protection rated s/steel structure,
Safety switch turns off the machine in case of accidental use outside the liquid,
Circulating pump for best product mixing,
Temperature sensor to prevent overload and overheating,
St./steel handle makes it easy to carry.


Watts 2000
Amperage 9A
Material Stainless Steel
Nema 6-15P
Volts 220




Soft Cooker 230 | Sous-Vide
Thermo Circulator

SKU: Softcooker230
Origin : Italy
Warranty: 1 year Parts & Labor
Height: 13.25''
Length: 10''
Width: 5''
Weight: 10 lbs
Package Length: 13''
Package Height: 18''
Package Weight: 12 lbs
Amperage: 9A
Volts: 220

Nema: 6-15P

Watts: 2000
UPC: 628242143011

Nema: 6-15P

Price: $2501.00 USD

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