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EURODIB: The Secret to Your Kitchen’s Success

Delicious food, inviting aromas, satisfied customers…

Do you dream of a thriving establishment where the atmosphere of gastronomic magic reigns? EURODIB is your guide to the world of impeccable cuisine!

25 years of experience, honed craftsmanship, and a commitment to impeccable quality** are the foundation of our philosophy. We offer not just **equipment**, but **solutions** tailored to your success.


  • A huge selection:** from **stoves and ovens** to **refrigerators and dishwashers**. **Everything you need for your dream kitchen**, you will find with us!
  • Impeccable reliability:** we cooperate only with **the best world manufacturers**, whose name is a guarantee of impeccable work.
  • Favorable prices:** **reasonable savings** without sacrificing quality – our principle!
  • Expert assistance:** our **experienced consultants** will help you choose the **optimal solution** for your business.


  • Cooking equipment:** ovens, fryers, grills… **The secrets of perfect taste** in your hands!
  • Refrigeration equipment:** the freshness of products is the key to **the impeccable quality** of your dishes.
  • Mechanical equipment:** meat grinders, vegetable cutters, dough mixers… **Ease and speed** in your kitchen.
  • Dishwashing equipment:** cleanliness without effort – **your peace of mind**.
  • Neutral equipment:** tables, shelves, racks… **Functionality and ergonomics** for your convenience.

EURODIB is your reliable partner:

  • Warranty on all equipment:** we are confident in the quality of our products!
  • Service maintenance:** **help and support** at every stage.

EURODIB is more than just a store. It is your path to prosperity!**

Visit us:

  • 120 Rue de la Barre, Boucherville, QC J4B 2X7**
  • Phone:** (450) 641-8700
  • Website:**

EURODIB – discover the secrets of impeccable cuisine!